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A nimble UX Studio.

Remote-first agency specialising in UI UX design and branding for mobile and SaaS companies.

Poor UX is
hurting your business.

We can help change that.

Design that's trusted by small and big teams across the world in companies backed by YCombinator, Sequoia, SAIF Partners, 500 Startups and more.

Position better, retain users and increase revenue by leveraging design that works.

Decent product, but hitting growth ceiling?

Its time to put a design lens to your funnels. We deep dive into analytics and user behaviour and run lightweight experiments in different parts of your product to optimise for business outcomes.


growth consulting · product redesign

MRR up by 349% · ARPU up by 27%
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Design taking shape in your organisation, but lacks guidance and velocity?

We understand the challenges that come with a young team and a growing company: half baked PRDs, broken communication and unending review cycles that sap the energy of your teams.
Before starting out, we've tackled these exact problems in our own jobs extensively.

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design strategy & management · product

Want to build an MVP or gear up your product design for scale?

Each stage of a product requires a different approach to problem solving. From nimble launches to creating strong IAs to scaleable design systems, we've worked on all kinds of design challenges.

branding · UI UX design

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Your perfect design partner.

Fixed Pricing.

Know what you'll pay before you start.
No surprises.

Nimble and Remote.

We stay light on our feet and enjoy doing great work. Think weeks, not months.

Business First.

We understand the value of achieving business goals in design.

High ownership.

Working with us is like working with an extended team.

Pixel Perfect.

Flawless UX and pixel perfect UI design.

Cross functional.

You work with a team that has experience in product, marketing and engineering.

We'll take your questions now.

What services do you offer exactly?

Our focus is UI UX design and branding for tech companies, primarily for mobile and SaaS products.

Do you work internationally?

Yes! We are completely remote, and have clients in US, Europe, Singapore and India.

How much does a project cost?

We have a fixed fee model for projects, retainers for ongoing engagements. If your project is well-scoped, you'll know exactly how much it'll cost and how long it will take before the project event starts. No surprises.

Our minimum project engagement fee is 5000$.
You can fill this form to get an estimate and request a proposal.

For more deterministic projects like webflow sites, use this calculator:
What kind of tools do you use?

We do all our UI design work in Figma and brainstorming on Whimsical.

How big is your team?

We are currently a 3 member team and growing, distributed remotely across India and Europe. We have a network of freelance contractors, who help us scale when required.

Development Partner

We have partnered with founding team of Atri Labs, a San Francisco based YC-funded startup.
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