Designing products that work.

Product design for design-driven, fast moving tech companies.

We’ve driven results for small and big teams across the world.

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We help fast-moving startups.

Each stage of a product requires a different approach to problem solving. From nimble launches to helping you reduce friction at every point in the funnel – we've worked on all kinds of design challenges.


Design new products

From nimble, zero to one products to full-fledged scalable products – we help you bring your ideas to life.

Design for scale

By building robust design systems and designing fundamentally strong iAs, we help mitigate challenges that come with scale.

With Product Thinking

We help you sharpen your product by filtering noise, distilling insights and taking sharp opinions – as and when needed.

Optimise Funnels

We deep dive into analytics and user behavior and run lightweight experiments in different parts of your product to optimize for business outcomes.


Scale your business.

Drivetrain. Planning & Foresight.

UI UX Design · SaaS · United States
Cover for Effectiv UI UX project
Effectiv dashboard UI design shot
Effectiv Logo
UI design of the notifications in Effectiv AI

Effectiv. Fight fraudsters.

UI UX Design · SaaS · United States
One front door. Open to all.
An illustration depicting an interviewee on a wheelchair

Inclusively. About time.

UI UX Design · SaaS · United States
A illustration of cleartax's app
Logo of the company cleartax
A modern invoicing app for SME businesses

ClearOne. Get paid.

UI UX Design · Brand · India
Open yourself to a world of possibilities.

Hubble. Save Smart, Spend Smart.

UI UX Design · FinCommerce · India
UI design of Jupiter Edge Card
The power of a debit and credit card in one
Logo of Jupiter
A digital card showing adjustable meter to set limit.

Jupiter. Cut ahead to the good part.

UI UX Design · India
An illustration of a women sitting on  a paper plane.
Happiness is within you.

Gratitude. Become mindful.

UI UX Design · India

What sets us apart?

Unlike most agencies and freelancers, we:

Possess product sense

Before we started, we’ve worked extensively helping build products at startups for 10 years.

Understand feasibility

We understand dev tradeoffs and business outcomes - when to sweat over details vs when to step away.

Optimise for outcomes

We work on fixed pricing, and spend more time optimising on outcomes vs billing hours.

Embrace ambiguity

In early teams, its natural to have unclear requirements. We’ve extensively tackled similar problems in our jobs.

Design in context

We truly believe in the value of writing thoughtful copies and designing keeping the context in mind.

Think in weeks, not months.

We stay light on our feet and enjoy doing great work.

Frequently asked questions.

What design services do you offer exactly?

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Our design services include UI UX design, product strategy and branding for digital companies.

Do you help with development?

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Yes! We have partnered with the founding team of AtriLabs – a San Francisco based YC-funded startup, for any further development and implementation that you may require.

What kind of tools do you use?

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We do all our user interface design work in Figma. For product thinking, documentation and brainstorming we rely on Whimsical and Google docs. Slack is our go-to tool for communication.

(We are fairly comfortable with most tools, and plug ourselves seamlessly into our partner company's stack)

How much does a project cost?

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If your project is well-scoped, you'll know exactly how much it'll cost and how long it will take before the project event starts. No surprises.

Our minimum project engagement fee is 5000$. You can fill this form to get an estimate and request a proposal.

Do you work internationally? Where are you based?

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Yes! We have worked for clients across the world, including US, Europe, Singapore and India. We are a design studio with remote team of UX designers and operate from different parts of the world – but if you are in Bangalore, come say hi to our founder at at Wework Bannerghata!

Can I read more reviews of your work?

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You can check out our profile here on We were also rated as one the top  UI UX agency among hundreds of UI UX companies in India in 2019 and 2020.

You can also consider reaching out to any of our clients directly.

Want to work on something together?

Find a time below and run your plans by our founder, Ankit.

He's been in the product and design space for over 10 years and worked with countless tech founders. Even if we're not a good fit, you likely leave with some quick wins that'll help your product.